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Balcony Gardening: Potted Pepper Plant
Mar 02, 2016

Pepper high yield and strong adaptability to soil environment and at the same time highly ornamental, ideal for balcony plants.

Balcony chili farming method first step, material preparation

Required materials: seeds, Tang NI, peaty soil, garden soil, sand, planting containers, Garden shovel, scissors

A, recommended varieties

Horn pepper is a type of sweet peppers, such as claw-shaped, slender, with hook on the tip, thin, thick, fresh, taste, aroma, spicy moderate.

Sunshine ornamental pepper: plant height 30~60cm, 45~50cm. Fruit is conical, upright growth, mature from white, purple, yellow, Orange to red, fruit weight 2~10G, entertaining, very strong.

B soil: before entering the basin nutrient ratio of soil available Tang NI: peat =1:1; into the basin optional garden soil or peat and sand by a certain percentage ratio.