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Dried Hot Red Chili Selection Of Material Description
Nov 02, 2017

Choose the small horn pepper, harvest in the green period, remove the disease, insects, mildew fruit and foliage and other impurities, rinse with clear water 1 hours after the drain, remove the sepals and fruit handle spare. In the pepper fruit base with bamboo sticks 2-3 holes, through the pepper meat diaphragm, to promote the entry of salt, (Zacon can also prevent product soft rotten).Dried Hot Red Chili 

The specific operation method is as follows (25% of the weight of the pepper): Put a layer of pepper sprinkle a layer of salt (more, the lower part should be less), and by pouring 5% of cold boiled water to facilitate the salt, the requirements of the day to pour the cylinder, after 2 times a day, 1 weeks after the inverted cylinder 1 times a day, so adhere to 1 months, that is, stop the inverted cylinder. The bricks are pressed and capped with salt for 1 months until cured.Dried Hot Red Chili

Choose eight or nine mature, no rot, pests, a large, solid fresh green peppers and red peppers as raw materials. Wash away silt and sundries with water. Cut lengthwise in two halves, dig the inner tendons and seeds, rinse with water, drain. Cut the ribs and seeds into slices of 4 cm long and 2 cm wide.Dried Hot Red Chili 

The sliced chili peppers are dipped into the sugar solution, and the sugar is 15% sugars and 2. 5% of the salt and a small amount of monosodium glutamate mixed solution, the temperature of sugar is 60 ℃, impregnation time is 1-2 hours. Drain the hot pepper flakes into the vacuum frying machine. The vacuum degree must not be less than 0. 08 MPA, temperature control in the 80~85℃, fried time with the variety of pepper slices, texture, oil temperature, vacuum, the specific method for the observation hole through the vacuum frying machine to see the hot pepper flakes almost all disappeared.Dried Hot Red Chili

Refining paprika red pigment, the extraction pressure control under 20MPa, chili red pigment color price almost no loss, the residue of organic solvents can reduce the 2x10-6 around, the red pigment in capsicum pigment and yellow pigment can be separated, but did not achieve the desired complete separation. Hu Yunxiang and so on is less than ten. 0MPa pressure can be extracted from the yellow element, retain red pigment, while, when the pressure is greater than the Ompa, the red components of chili oil resin can be basically extracted completely.Dried Hot Red Chili