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How To Grow In No-pollution Chili Pepper
Mar 02, 2016

Cultivation technique

Pollution-free cultivation base conditions: origin criteria must meet the requirements of pollution-free agricultural production to environmental conditions, the previous crop for non-solanaceous vegetable crops, soil physical and chemical properties in good take deep groundwater irrigation, then how can we are producing no-pollution chili pepper?

1. Nursery

(1) a variety of selection: selection of high quality, high yield, disease resistance, insect resistance, resistance, wide adaptability, good commercial varieties of peppers, such as Ji Ze pepper 97-1,97-5,97-8, Hunan spicy II, transit, etc. But refused to use genetically modified pepper varieties.

(2) seed treatment: there are three methods:

① will seed 70 ℃ handle for 72 hours, or soaking for 20 minutes with a tri-sodium phosphate solution, 300 times or formalin liquid soaking for 30 minutes, remove and rinse after germination (anti virus).