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Kinds Of Peppers This Year Elected Marketable Varieties
Mar 02, 2016

Cotton prices for many years was less than satisfactory, last year, corn prices hit a recent low, in contrast, attracted many farmers grow chili peppers benefit. The author as "Township of the Chinese pepper"-, Jize County, Hebei province, a technology worker, after investigation and analysis, chili area this year is expected to increase. Most farmers believe that kind of pepper pepper far more easier, to think so much, will supply will inevitably lead to these articles. For this reason, I think the pepper eyes, according to the local election of sales of marketable varieties.

Different pepper varieties of uses and the sales differences larger, on consumption adaptability,, Yangtze River middle and lower reaches of area to micro-spicy type for focus, in the South, and Southwest, and Northwest, and Northeast is like incense spicy and the thick spicy varieties, especially Sichuan, and Hunan and Guizhou area, more is to "fear spicy, fear not spicy, spicy fear" Hi food high spicy type varieties, and pepper type adapted of focus is East and North area. Now taking some good varieties, pepper shapes and spiciness are several categories, looking for chili, appropriate choice of planting according to local circumstances.

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