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Pepper Planting Time Tips
Mar 02, 2016

Pepper suitable sowing period according to the local climatic conditions, cultivation methods and other specific circumstances. General planting seedling in low temperature season requirements 35-50, high-temperature season to plant seedlings is required 25-40 days. Planting date minus the seedling can calculate sowing time. To master the sowing time, if sown too early, seed ageing, resulting in reproductive and vegetative disorders, often leading to significant decline in production. In Guangdong, the peppers can be grown all year round, but the optimal period is the spring and autumn planting. Late spring sowing time in the January ~2 early, earlier planting date for mid-March ~4 month, harvest for 5-7 months; autumn plant sowing dates in early August, planting date for September, harvest for 10-12 months. This season peppers away from high temperatures and the cold weather, in cultivation under the condition of normal growth and development.