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Pepper Seedling Method
Mar 02, 2016

1, transplant and irrigation. In early April after a disastrous weather can be transplanted, generally April 15-25th. Pepper is required when transplanting seedling height 16~17 cm, 8 leaves, seedling 50-60 days. Each hole double plants, planted seedlings in time after watering, guarantee the survival of planted seedlings. A week after transplanting as moisture replenishment.

2, weeding, irrigation and fertilization. 1th when machines can be hired to row, row 3 for the whole term. Pepper into the blossoming stage, need more water, irrigation, or cause flower drop pepper. Water a few times, not flood irrigation to prevent the disease. Irrigation to keep the field in the late wet. With row 3 times for top dressing, 667m2 5 kilograms of urea fertilizer, sub-enriched 10.2 kg, 10 kilograms of diammonium phosphate and potash fertilizers 5.2 kg, has been awarded fat 65 kilograms for the whole term.