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Pepper To Yield Management Smart Dressing
Mar 02, 2016

In hot (sweet) pepper dressing should be "one, two, three, four-bogey" principle in order to achieve the purpose of high yield, high quality and efficient.

Control: open FL control top dressing, from the first flowers open first to second when branched fruiting, in addition to acute shortage of fertilizer applying manure water plant, should control the top dressing, or they will face too much nitrogen, result in leggy and flowers, and fruits, and so on.

Second: young fruit and harvest time in time to chase quick-acting fertilizer 1~2, you can also use waste water 3~4 double cream root rot acquaintances, to promote fruit quickly expanded. In hot (sweet) pepper a lot of harvest time, slammed to ground, on a sunny day, Chase every 5-6 days 1 animal feces and urine rot acquaintances, in the early morning or late evening watering facilities.