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Planting Technology Of Red Pepper
Mar 02, 2016

Site preparation fertilizing grow chili peppers good soil tillage, irrigation and drainage, flat, not in saline-alkali and low-lying land cultivation. Cultivation needs enough fertilizer, 10 days before the planting acres of quality farm manure fertilizer 5000 kg ~7500 kg, 75 kg ~100 kg, 50 kg of Ammonium bicarbonate for SSP base fertilizer. 2/3 for floor Shi, ploughing 20 cm ~25 cm and 1/3 effects of ditching, intensive use. 80 cm long from the Ridge, Ridge height 15 cm, row width 50 cm.

After transplanting, planting hot pepper 3:00 Miao Yingxuan cloudy or sunny, seedlings 1 day before pouring water, seedlings take root as much soil, in transit to take care not to hurt Miao Yegen, try not to plant wilting seedlings. Pepper planting should not be too deep, and son Ye Jieping aligned to standards. Acres planted 3000 plants can be watered the soil after planting.