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Proportion Formula Of Hot Dried Red Chili Whole
Nov 02, 2017

In order to adapt to the low salinity of pickles, convenience and nutrition and safety of the development trend of natural, the process of pickling process of chili peppers, packaging conditions and other processes were studied, compared with the traditional products to increase the maintenance of crisp process and seasoning treatment process, trial-produced soft canned pepper, improve the quality and quality of products.Hot Dried Red Chili Whole

Removal, impurity and conspicuous: the Chili Peppers Remove the peduncle in time, removing the worm-eaten, rotting, undercooked or mechanically damaged peppers and sundries. Use a clean, sterilized bamboo needle to make a conspicuous stab at the handle of each pepper and puncture the capsule at the center to facilitate subsequent salting.Hot Dried Red Chili Whole

Dry salting: will be pickled pepper drained, spread in the container, every 100kg add salt 15kg, layer of salt, upper salt, lower salt, less, every day turn the cylinder once, pay attention to make it heat, pickled 7d (days) after the cylinder. Blending and static salting: first, the sesame oil heated to 160 ℃, put a quantitative pepper production of pepper, and then add to the semi-finished products, and then the star anise powder, mountain nai powder, dried ginger powder and other mixed spices into the raw materials, and add the right amount of white sugar, salt and edible acid.Hot Dried Red Chili Whole 

Add the proper amount of natural chlorophyll, copper and sodium salt to the pickled peppers, and add the amount of capsaicin to the pickled red peppers, and press no more than 0. 5 of the proportion of sodium benzoate was added. The good mixed spice formula is: Spice powder 0. 12%, lactic acid 0. 6%, glacial acetic acid 0. 8%, white sugar 20%, salt 6%.Hot Dried Red Chili Whole

The stems, sticks and peppers of chili Peppers have no cutin film on the surface of capsicum fruit, in this way, the water in the capsicum fruit can be distributed to the pepper plant through the carrier tissue, thus speeding up the dehydration rate of the capsicum fruit, and also avoiding the heat emitted by the frequent respiration of the pepper fruit, which leads to the harmful effect of the mildew blackening of the pepper fruit.Hot Dried Red Chili Whole