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Varieties And Types Of Dried Sweet Paprika
Nov 02, 2017

Many varieties of pepper, from the taste of food can be divided into spicy, sweet, spicy and sweet in three categories. Chili, fruit-shaped small, in which the northern June or July-listed skin-colored green-yellow steamed bun pepper, the hot spicy is less;Dried Sweet Paprika 

June-listed small meat thin pepper, strong spicy, long pointed round, purplish red small line pepper (some call the green pepper, some call "a nest monkey", etc.), the most spicy. Bell pepper, fruit-shaped big, like lanterns, so famous lantern pepper or bell, taste sweet, fruit-shaped flat persimmon, thick meat, sweet slightly spicy, is a good variety of pickled pepper.Dried Sweet Paprika

The type and variety of pepper, according to the taste of different types of pepper and pepper two categories. When selecting fresh chili peppers, note that the fruit shape and color should conform to the characteristics of this breed, such as color has green, dark green, red, yellow points, its quality requirements are uniform size, solid peel, meat thick and thin, crisp and fresh, no cracks, no insect bites, no spots, no overlap leaves, soft, not frozen, not rotten, etc.Dried Sweet Paprika 

The fruit of sweet pepper is usually cylindrical or obtuse, with a large shoulder and thick flesh, taste sweet or slightly spicy; the pepper fruit is curved long angle shape, spicy, such as all over the long horn pepper, line pepper and so on, which has a family of raw pepper growth, fruit small, cone-shaped, strong fragrance, the market is more popular at present, the price is higher.Dried Sweet Paprika

The consumer buys chili Peppers to observe "yan" view "color". Dried Sweet Paprika

Normal pepper should be dry, loose, powder for oily, not moldy, no impurities, no caking, no dye hand red, strong pungent and dazzling features, spicy taste. and mixed with some dye, wheat bran, such as pepper is bright red color, or with brilliant yellow, spicy taste is not strong.Dried Sweet Paprika

Pepper is a common vegetable, its products are favored by consumers. But the traditional chili products are more unitary, the ingredient is extensive, the quality index is unstable. The author uses the hot pepper and the natural spices and so on material, after the fine processing made the chili sauce product, in the spicy, the nutrition ingredient, the thick consistency and the color and lustre and so on aspect, has the big improvement and the enhancement.Dried Sweet Paprika