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Steam Sterilize

Product Specification:

1. Equipment Introduction

  We have fully automatic continuous steam sterilization equipment, through the United States certified lab sterilization effect certification. It provides product quality assurance for customers who have high requirements for microorganisms. The total number of bacteria can be effectively reduced by 5log to below 10000-100000 cfu/g, which can completely kill pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella.

  ① Equipment features: Imported from abroad, Swiss technology, continuous, fully automatic, rapid cooling to room temperature, physical sterilization, safe and healthy.

  ② Scope of application: used in various spices herbs and partially dehydrated vegetables, etc.

  ③ Total number of bacteria: Below 100,000 cuf/g, it can actually reach a few thousand or about 10,000 cfu/g.

2. Applicable Products

  ① Dried Spices

  Various powdered or small granular products of dried spices, including chili, star anise,fennel seeds, cinnamon, cumin,black/white pepper, etc.

  ② Dehydrated vegetables

  Dehydrated vegetable products, including dehydrated spinach powder, carrots, coriander,bell pepper,ginger, etc.

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