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Food Safety & Quality

Trace from farms to dining table
Strict management of food processing,
transportation and warehouse


Taifoong focuse on the deep processing of hot chili and sweet paprika products since 2000. The products meet the clients' mid-to-high-end requirements for food quality and safety. We insist on contributing to the healthy food business.

        International food safety system

   Taifoong has established and improved the international food safety control and production and processing system. The quality of our products is in line with European Union, Japanese and American standards.

                 Source control quality

  We control the product quality from the source, pay attention to every link from raw materials to production and processing, so as to ensure the food safety of customers and end consumers. 

            Follow strict quality standards

   All of Taifoong's products are subject to stringent quality standards to ensure high quality and food safety of the products.

Quality & Safety Assurance

  1、 On site audit of supply chain

   We conduct on-site audit on the supply chain to check whether it has implemented good agricultural practice , monitor the production, packaging and other processes on site to ensure that it meets our strict food safety standards, HACCP procedures and good operating practices , achieving the visualization and traceability expected by customers.

   2、 The production equipment is complete

   The company has automatic continuous steam sterilization equipment, which has passed the sterilization effect certification of certified lab in the United States. The total number of bacteria can be effectively reduced by 5log to less than 10000-100000 CFU / g, which can completely kill pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella.

   We also have metal detector, stone remover, dryer, color sorter, dry cleaner and other production equipment to strictly ensure product quality and production safety, avoid pollution.

  3、 The traceability system enables the cause of every problem to be found

   Taifoong also has a well-equipped laboratory where our technicians control the quality of all our products and fill in specific test records from the input of raw materials to the output of finished products. We have random sampling control throughout the production line. Traceability from origin to delivery of finished products. All batches can be traced back to cultivated land.

  4、 Whole process control from material to final product in internal laboratory

   We have a modern and standard internal laboratory, from raw material procurement to final products, the whole process is strictly controlled by the internal laboratory. Our test items include ASTA, moisture, aflatoxin and ochratoxin, benzopyrene, pungency, RH/IF,SHU,Ash etc. Products are strictly controlled to meet EU and FDA standards.

   5、 Each batch of products should be tested comprehensively

   Each batch of Taifoong's products should be comprehensively inspected to ensure that they do not contain harmful substances, such as aflatoxin, pathogenic bacteria, prohibited pesticides, harmful chemical pollution, banned colorants, etc. A quality inspection report (COA) is required for each batch of products, including physical and chemical inspection indicators such as total bacterial count (TPC), mold and yeast, coliforms , etc.

   6、 The workshop is in accordance with 5S standards, and the employees are on duty with certificates

   All production workshops are built in accordance with 5S standards. Dust removal facilities are used in the production process to ensure environmental sanitation and environmental protection. All production workers have health certificate and receive health examination regularly.

We've been making progress

We are committed to supply you high quality steam sterilized paprika and chili products to ensure food safety by controlling quality from the material to the finished products. BRC A, HACCP, ISO, KOSHER, HALAL certificate are all available in our factory.



   Taifoong Food Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. Has more than 200 employees. Covers an area of more than 50,000 square meters. With a plant area of 20,000 square meters. Including a 10,000-ton cold storage. The company has passed the HACCP food safety system and ISO9001 quality management system certification.We have professional production equipment and advanced steam sterilization equipment in the world. The production workshop constructed in accordance with 5S standards strictly guarantees the quality and safety of the products.


  We have an internal laboratory with advanced testing instruments,  HPLC , enzyme meter, spectrophotometer, rapid moisture meter, densitometer and some other  high-end instruments are all available in our factory. The test items include aflatoxin , ochratoxin, ASTA, SHU, ASH, allergen, bulk density, microbe , RH/ IF and so on.Testing pepper spiciness, aspergillus flavus, aspergillus ochre, microorganisms, allergens, density and other items. Ensuing the whole control from the raw materials to the finished products , and  ensuing the tracing system run well and quality safety.


   Taifoong has managed and controllable pepper planting bases in major pepper production areas such as Xinjiang, or cooperates with local agricultural cooperatives to sign pepper planting and management agreements. We manage the whole process from the selection and planting of peppers to achieve controllable quality from pepper planting to production.


   Taifoong has a storage area of more than 20,000 square meters, including room temperature and cold warehouses. The storage capacity of the cold storage reaches 10,000 tons.We have a prefect warehouse management system to ensure the accuracy of data and the safe storage of goods.We have long-term and close cooperation with shipping and logistics companies to ensure that the goods are delivered to our customers in a timely and safe manner.